Local produce season is here!

The growing season is here and we are excited to offer fresh, local produce to our community. Each week our produce department is filled with new bounty.


Meet your producers

The aisles of The Merc are filled with products from over 250 local producers. Get to know one of our long-time local produce suppliers, Maggie's Farm.


Run for the school gardens

The third annual Running for Food Running for Health 5k Fundraising Race is here! Don't miss this great opportunity to show your support for the school gardens by running with us on July 26.

Everyone is Welcome at The Merc Co-op

The Merc Co-op provides our community a place to shop, gather, eat and learn by offering real food and sustainable products at reasonable prices through cooperative ownership and responsible commerce.

Anyone can shop at The Merc and anyone can become a Merc Owner. Merc Ownerhip is an investment in a consumer-owned cooperative business that brings health to your local community. The Merc is currently owned by more than 6,800 of your friends and neighbors who have chosen to invest in a local business that is guided by policies that prioritize the well-being of its customers and community. Learn more about the benefits of Merc Ownership today!

News & Events

Here is what's happening

Naturally Nutritious Food Festival

July 30, 2014, 6pm

The 25th Annual Naturally Nutritious Food Festival at the Douglas County Fair is right around the corner. The contest has eight different categories, including two for young chefs, and the prizes are extra generous this year.

Cool and Delicious Seasonal Recipes

August 6 from 7:00 - 9:00pm

It’s summer in Kansas and that means hot days. Come into the cool Merc kitchen and let Chef Paige inspire you with refreshing recipes that make use of summer’s bounty. You’ll enjoy Succotash Salad (Corn and Shell Bean Salad); a fabulous Mediterranean Grilled Eggplant Salad; Classic Panzanella (Bread and Tomato Salad from Tuscany); and Lemon Chicken with Garlic & Fresh Herbs. The perfect end to the evening will be a gorgeous Plum Sorbet. You’ll be so glad it’s August in Kansas.

Blog: Get to Know Your Surf & Turf: Sustainable Surf

Wild-caught and farm-raised seafood both have ecological advantages and disadvantages, and the best choice varies according to what kind of fish you’re buying, as well as where and how it was fished, farmed or caught. Let us help you sort through the choices! Read more...

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