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Enjoy weekly savings on fresh produce, meat, and cheese with Fresh Deals. Save in every aisle with bi-weekly Co+op Deals.

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Find produce from these local producers: Two Sisters Farm, Cedar Lane Farm, Moon on the Meadow Farm, Juniper Hill Farms, Maggie's Farm, Pat and Rachel's Garden, Mellowfield's Urban Farm, Wakarusa Valley Farm, Viogts Farm and more. Visit our produce aisle and watch for the orange signs indicating what's local!


Full Circle Youth Program

Full Circle Youth Program is a year round, out-of-school program that provides a free, safe and structured environment for low income youth, ages 7-18, to socialize and learn. Full Circle’s mission is to encourage participants to take sensible risks, challenge themselves, make healthy choices and learn new skills to help them grow into successful adults. Through an earn-a-bike program, community mural project, out-of-school tutoring, mentoring and snack programs, Full Circle strives to ensure that children have the experiences and tools to be healthy, happy and to prosper. For more information, visit

Everyone is Welcome at The Merc Co+op

The Merc Co+op provides our community a place to shop, gather, eat and learn by offering real food and sustainable products at reasonable prices through cooperative ownership and responsible commerce.
Everyone can shop at The Merc Co+op and anyone can become a Merc Owner. Merc Ownership is an investment in a consumer-owned cooperative business that brings health to your local community. The Merc Co+op is currently owned by more than 7,000 of your friends and neighbors who have chosen to invest in a local business that is guided by policies that prioritize the well-being of its customers and community. Learn more about the benefits of Merc Ownership today!

News & Events

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The Bounty Of Late Summer ($20)

Wednesday, August 31 | 7:00-9:00 p.m.

If you need a little help with the beautiful produce you enthusiastically picked up at the Farmers’ Market, let Chef Paige inspire you with her depth of knowledge and great seasonal recipes. Paige will start with a classic Bruschetta with Sweet Peppers & Ricotta; then on to a lovely Provencal Vegetable Tart with Herbed Goat Cheese; served with Mediterranean Eggplant and Barley Salad; and delicious Roasted Stuffed Zucchini. The meal will end on a perfect note of Cornmeal Shortcakes with Peaches, Soured Cream & Mint.

More Choices at Your Community-Owned Co-op

Do you find yourself dividing up your list of groceries by which store you’re going to buy them? You’re not alone! According to a recent study, the average co-op shopper is regularly visiting over three stores. This research combined with our own conversations with Owners and shoppers has helped us realize that there’s an opportunity for The Merc to offer more choices and better serve the whole community. Affordability is a key issue in the healthy, local and organic food movement and we are addressing it head on with our product selection.Click here to read on!

Uncommonly good hush puppies on the hot bar. Open until 9 pm tonight! #todayatthecoop

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